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Can you help us change a billion lives? 

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103c Camley St, Kings Cross, London N1C 4PF

Primary healthcare

for every child.

COst effective.


children fail to reach their developmental potential due to poor primary healthcare access


babies die of vaccinable diseases each year


Mobile phone subscriptions are at 103% of  the world's population yet 3 billion people lack access to essential health services

(World Bank 2017)

We asked:

If most of the world's population has access to SMS technology, could we leverage chat technology to deliver a simple and accessible primary health service for every child? 

So we built:


A Vaccine Reminder

High vaccine uptake is pivotal to protecting against childhood diseases. Yet in many parts of the world uptake is poor due to a lack of information on vaccine schedules and when to take them.


With beba, a mother signs up her child at birth and beba's SMS system kicks in to remind them when the next vaccines are due and the nearest clinic to them.


Low levels of literacy?

A one-word reply triggers an automated call with further information on the vaccine 


Lost Records?

One of the reasons of poor uptake is lost paper records. Now with a simple text of 'SUM' a mother can access a record of all her child's vaccines

A Maternal Health & Baby Developmenttracker

Through simple diagnostic questioning at key growth milestones and using WHO established frameworks we can quickly screen for and red flag possible developmental problems and suggesting taking action with local healthcare providers.


Did you know... 

A baby learns to smile through watching their mother.  A baby that does not smile by three months can be an indicator for postpartum depression in the mother. A simple question at the right time and we can flag up a major issue and suggest a visit a local health centre.

An Immutable Healthcare Record

Powering the backend of Beba is distributed ledger technology. Every baby registered with Beba's SMS service has their data cryptographically secured and assigned a hash that is added to a distributed ledger.

Accessible anywhere

The poorest suffer most in times of war, political instability and as migrants. With Beba, their children's health records are protected and accessible anywhere with a simple text.


Every entry on Beba's health record ensures that it remains untampered thanks to powerful security features of blockchain technology helping combat health data fraud


Every change made to a child's health record can be traced back to when and whom.



...over the next 10 years, our mission is to build an accessible and affordable primary care service for the next 1 billion babies and mothers...